About Us

Websoftnet provides affordable web hosting, domain name registration and excellent customer support.

Our data centre and network infrastructure is based here in the UK, hence, we are able to deliver the complete set of vertical components in the hosting arena from managing single servers through to the design and build of complex multi application environments.

Websoftnet is committed to providing website hosting & design at affordable prices. We specialize in the development of accessible websites, including content management, search engine optimization (seo) & e-commerce solutions. We strive to offer the fastest, most reliable service in the industry, along with extremely knowledgeable customer support. Our goal is to simplify web hosting services, while accommodating the most demanding customers’ needs. We guarantee that your relationship with us will be a positive and lasting one.

We continuously upgrade our services, thus providing extra web space and features for our customers. When we do upgrade our hosting packages, we upgrade our current customer's packages automatically without any charge to them. So as the Internet changes and improves, we make sure that you and your website are staying on top of things.

The Present

Today, although still a relatively small company, we successfully compete with the larger players in the hosting industry. We equal their performance and in many cases significantly outperform them on both service and price. This is a feat we are proud of and a trend we plan to continue. We have managed to successfully retain 98% of our web hosting customers. We view this as an indication of the great service we offer along with equally great value-for-money.

Our Mission

To create value for our customers by constantly reviewing the competition, sourcing out the best products in the market and providing web hosting at the best possible price. In addition we strive to always go that little bit further than everyone else to ensure our customers experience the very best in service and support. We believe customer retention is key to our success. Our reputation is built on it, recommendations come from it and as such you'll find us investing more in customer care and the upgrading of our services than we do on advertising.

Our Technology


We use only Dell servers in our web hosting platform. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology we have built a web hosting platform that is second to none.

Our platform is designed in such a way that if any server fails another server automatically and without delay takes over that server's workload. For example, if one of our mail servers breaks down another server automatically comes online, with all the correct configuration, and takes over the work of the failed server. During this period no email is lost.

As well as this, all data is stored in two large network disk arrays. Data is automatically synchronised between the arrays so that in the event of an array failing the remaining array continues to serve data to the servers with no downtime.

Our network arrays operate RAID, a way of configuring a system so a disk can fail with no impact to data. As explained above we also operate our network arrays in mirrored pairs so a whole array can fail with no impact. Each array is also backed up each night to a separate backup cluster which is then written to tape and stored offsite.  

Websoftnet operates a multi-homed network utilizing BGP4 technology. Simply put, we have multiple connections to the Internet with different backbone providers, should any connection fail our other connections automatically take all the traffic. Not only does this mean that we are very unlikely to lose connectivity to the Internet, but it also means that traffic moving to and from our network can choose from a range of paths to get to its final destination. This means that we have been able to configure the network always to take the fastest paths.

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