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The benefits of using Joomla as a Content Management System

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Using Joomla as a content management system (CMS), enables you to create and manage websites in a very simple way. Thanks to its licensing conditions (GPL), you do not need to pay for the software itself. Because of its open source nature, it is also possible to customize the code to best suit your needs and requirements. The flexibility comes from add – on modules provided which can be easily installed.


Joomla! is written in PHP, uses object-oriented programming (OOP) techniques and software design patterns, stores data in a MySQL database, and includes features such as page caching, RSS feeds, news flashes, blogs, polls, search and many more .

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework was built so that anyone with the knowledge could override the core of the CMS without actually modifying the original code.

Joomla can be use to create a wide range of websites such as

  • Portals or corporate websites
  • Online shopping websites, ecommerce applications
  • Small or large business websites
  • Organizations websites
  • Government applications
  • School and church websites
  • Personal blogs or family homepages
  • Online community portals
  • Online newspapers websites or magazines

and with over 7,000 extensions available on the Joomla official website extension directory, one of the most daunting aspects could be deciding which Joomla extension is right for the job.

At Websoftnet, we provide a control panel which automates the deployment of a basic Joomla web site. Joomla is beneficial to both website owners and web developers.

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